Shelli Stein is THE BEST movement coach I have ever studied with. As an exercise physiologist, I have studied with many. She’s got it! Her new ebook – 7 Strategies – and concurrent attention to Menopause, the “glad season,” is brilliant! Well-written, up-to-date with the latest research, and heart-warmingly funny, I read the whole thing in one sitting. (With good posture, of course!) Thanks for lighting a path that addresses the whole woman – mind, body, spirit and heart.

– Elizabeth Wright, Exercise Physiologist and Health Educator


I have attended Shelli’s Yoga class for more than 2 years. It has significantly improved the quality of my health. When I first attended her class, I had constant tension headaches. After a couple of classes, the headaches were gone because my neck muscles were greatly relaxed. I began noticing that the pain in my fingers and my knees were reduced as well. I could tell the difference after attending about one month of the class — I had more energy to tackle my work, I did not get anxious easily as before, my metabolism was higher. After about a year later, my cholesterol had gone down from over 200 to 170s. My doctor thought I was taking prescription medicines because of it. This year my good cholesterol has gone up to 79 which made my doctor very impressed. Now I have stronger muscles to support my body — less pain on my knees, my mobility and flexibility are in greater shape. In conclusion, Shelli’s yoga class helped me maintain both my physical and mental health without taking any medication – Yes!…

– Po, 40-something

Your class has given me an inspiration to walk/run with proper techniques which everyone can adopt easily in their life style for their physical and mental health.

– Suma, 40-something

What’s great about The Truth About Menopause is that it treats you like a whole woman, not just a collection of menopause symptoms.

– Susan, 50-something

Shelli is an amazing coach and mentor – enthusiastic, positive, and firm when necessary! I’ve learned to walk awhole new way (Chi walking), which has not only enhanced my love of walking, but also improved my technique and fitness. And I’ve learned to nourish my body (through proper nutrition) and spirit (through yoga and meditation) with her help. “Joy in Movement” is certainly a fitting description of the outlook on fitness and health that I have embraced as a result of her guidance. Thank you Shelli!

– Nancy, 60-something