Make money recommending
to your website visitors or e-zine subscribers.


Do you have a women’s health or fitness-related website or e-zine? If so, you can start earning money immediately by recommending the eBooks “The Truth About Menopause” or “Navigating Hormone Health” to your website visitors as an affiliate.

Here’s how it works:

  • You recommend The Truth About Menopause and/or Navigating Hormone Health to your newsletter subscribers and/or website visitors.
  • You get paid a handsome commission when they buy.
  • You receive a check in the mail automatically.
  • We answer all customer service questions, etc. So it’s hassle-free on your part.

In other words: you don’t have to do anything, except send people to this website.

You can make a great supplemental income this way!

How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

The first step is to register with Clickbank, the company that processes all the credit card orders for our eBooks. Clickbank is also the company that tracks affiliate sales and sends your check of affiliate sales.

To set up your FREE affiliate account, click here: and then click the link you’ll see to set up a new account.

When you fill out the form, you’ll choose a Clickbank “nickname,” which will be your “affiliate ID.” Once that is done, you can start making money.

What you do is put links on your website or in your e-zine using the following link (URL) to advertise:

Replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank nickname. (Make sure you test your link before sending it — typos can happen easily!)

Whenever someone clicks on YOUR link, the affiliate software detects that it’s YOUR customer and it takes them to The Truth About Menopause or Navigating Hormone Health website. When customers order, you earn a commission on the sale! Even if the customer doesn’t order immediately, the software “remembers” it for up to 90 days that the sale is yours.

You get paid 75% on every sale!

The eBooks The Truth About Menopause and Navigating Hormone Health along with all of the bonuses are currently retailing for $47. After Clickbank takes out its fee, you get 75% of the profits. Most affiliate programs pay a poor 5-15% in commissions, so you make only a few bucks per sale. With our eBooks, your share for each sale is approximately $30. At that price, the profits really start to add up nicely.

How much money can I make?

That’s difficult to predict, but I could say that it depends on two things:

  • How aggressively you promote the eBooks The Truth About Menopause and/or Navigating Hormone Health.
  • How large your e-zine database is, or how much traffic you get to your website.

If you have an e-zine, you could recommend one of our eBooks in each issue and make substantial profits just from that. Just sending out an ad for The Truth About Menopause in every issue of your newsletter is probably the most effective method of making money with this affiliate program.

Linking Methods

There are several ways you can promote our eBooks on your site or in your e-zine:

1- THE BEST METHOD: Write your own endorsement of the book or write your own book review, and then send your customers to the affiliate link. Your readers will trust your own opinions and the personal touch you put into promoting them, so this approach will yield more results. Simply tell your readers why you liked the book and why they should get a copy. By writing an endorsement, a testimonial, or a positive book review and sending it out to your e-mail list, the sales can be as high as double that of any other linking method.

2- If you have a website, use banner ads. Put banners or book covers of The Truth About Menopause on the most visited pages of your website and this can lead to great sales. I provide some banners but you can also design your own. Make sure your affiliate link is properly set in the banner HTML code.


Right-click on the banner of your choice below to get the image for your site:



Affiliate Support

Check back on this web page often, as I will be regularly adding new banner ads and other resources your can use on your sites to build your affiliate program, including (soon!) classified ads and articles.

We are here to support your marketing and sales efforts all the way and provide any personal assistance you need in launching your TRUTH ABOUT MENOPAUSE affiliate program.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us.


Shelli and the Active Menopause Lifestyle team