Do You Start Your Day With Stretching?

What you do in the first few minutes of your day sets the tone for the rest of it. That’s why it is important to begin your day with thoughts of happiness, success, great health, and prosperity.

One way to help set yourself on this course is to always have a daily goal, especially a daily fitness goal. And if you achieve that goal first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is going to be great.

A worthy daily fitness-related goal is to start your day with some stretching.

Have you ever seen Animal Planet?

Someone was telling me about watching one of their specials on wild cats. She saw every cat from lions to tigers to cheetahs to leopards to mountain lions and a lynx.

She watched how wild, as well as domesticated, cats stretch. They stretch backwards hundreds of times per day. And they do it as soon as they wake up.

I’ve noticed my dog does this as well.

I think we all should do likewise. Stretching can not only increase your strength and flexibility, it will ENERGIZE you for hours.

So move your body the way it wants to be moved. Stretch like a cat and you’ll know why cats stretch the way they do.