Do You Suffer From Portion Distortion Syndrome?

There’s is something called the Portion Distortion Syndrome. Have you heard of it?

If you think too much food on your plate may be what’s stopping you from seeing the weight come off, here are a few tips to help you battle the Portion Distortion Syndrome:

1. Eat slowly. In our fast paced society, it is difficult to eat slowly and enjoy your meal. It takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain and your stomach to register that food has arrived and calms your hunger. When we inhale our meal in the first 5 minutes after it’s served, we do not give our bodies enough time to register the, “I’m not hungry anymore” cue. Savor each bite of food and chew it thoroughly. For those of you that suffer from any gastrointestinal distress, you will actually find that this will greatly enhance your digestion because chewing your food more thoroughly creates more digestive enzymes in your body.

2. When at restaurants or parties, take a good look at what is on your plate before you even pick up the fork. If you just start eating the second it shows up in front of you, the whole meal will be gone before you even realize it. The scary part is you won’t even know how much you ate! We have all had those moments of total regret when our stomach is aching and we’re asking ourselves, “Why did I eat so much? Why didn’t I stop sooner?” A better question to ask before this happens is, “How much can I eat now and how much can I have again later?” Give yourself just 2 minutes to assess the portion size that would be best for you and take the rest home. Not only will you prevent the stomach pains, but you will get to enjoy your delicious meal twice.

3. At home, put exactly what you intend to eat on your plate before you start eating. Take your time enjoying the food you have in front of you and don’t make this an eating race with the rest of the table. I am often the last person finished at the table and I don’t care. Why should I rush? Unless we have plans or somewhere to be, there is no need for me to eat my whole dinner plate in 5 minutes. Not only do I enjoy my meal but I enjoy talking to my family members during our meal and even put my fork down a few times to digest between bites. I know we are often influenced by the people eating around us and if everyone else is eating fast we have a tendency to follow. Keep at your own pace and have people follow your lead. I know when people eat with me they do have a tendency to eat much slower because I eat slowly. You will influence others around you to eat healthier without them even knowing it.

4. Always remember, there is more where that came from. Chances are none of us are going to suffer from a lack of food, especially when it comes to dining out and being invited to parties. You also don’t receive a special reward for cleaning your plate or finishing your meal the fastest. There is always more food available for your next meal (many times there is just too much food available) and we can always take food home with us or eat again in a few hours if we get hungry.

Be careful of the Portion Distortion Syndrome. Using the above tips will keep you healthier and at a weight that’s appropriate for you!