Food Trends To Watch For

I thought this week we’d have some fun and discuss an article I read called Food Trends To Watch.

I’ll tell you about some of them and you can see what you think.

While you don’t all live in the same area of America that I do, and in fact many of you live outside the U.S., I’d be curious to know if you’re seeing any of the trends this article mentions in your own backyard. Give it a read and let me know!

Apparently, last year was the year of bacon! Bacon with anything (chocolate and even gluten-free foods). I don’t live in a very trendy area so I didn’t notice this, but maybe some of you did.

1. The cupcake craze is winding down but PIES are all the rage. Years ago when I lived in San Diego there was a restaurant in my neighborhood called House Of Pies. Everything was homemade and seasonal. I don’t live in San Diego anymore and House Of Pies was long ago replaced by a (you guessed it) Starbucks, but much like most folks, I do enjoy fresh homemade pies so I’ll be on the look-out for this upcoming food trend.

2. Have you noticed that menus are full of adjectives and descriptions about how the food is cooked? Meant to impress us, I suppose. Well now we’ll see less of that and more useful plain talk that will let us know about ingredients.

3. Say good-bye to burgers and hello to hot dogs. Seems like hot dogs will get an upgrade and come with all different kinds of toppings.

4. Meatless Mondays and Fish Fridays will be new additions in many restaurants. It’s not just to serve vegetarians, but also to help “healthy-minded” people eat less meat.

5. Apparently there is going to be a yogurt revolution! Yogurt is already a go-to ingredient, but now you’ll see sun dried and freeze dried, smoked and pressed yogurt. I have noticed many new yogurt stores opening up around town. I’m not much of a frozen yogurt girl and frankly, sun dried and smoked yogurt sounds awful. But if I happen to pass a yogurt shop that offers these new trendy yogurts and they’ll give me a sample, I wouldn’t refuse!

Let me know what new food trends you notice and keep an eye out for these.


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