Breathing for Relaxation: Cosmic Orbit Breath

This week here’s a tip about boosting your energy flow. It comes from my friend and colleague, acupuncturist Felix Wolf.

When you are feeling “stuck, out of balance, disconnected, or depressed” (and who doesn’t, on occasion), give this a try. It’s called the “microcosmic orbit breath”.

Before I give you the “technique”, let me share with you what Felix has to say.

“Keep it it simple. The exercise is simply to circulate the energy along the core meridians with the help of the breath.

Inhale up the spine to the top of the head while contracting the perinneal muscles and anal sphincter and exhale down the front to the perinneum while relaxing all your muscles. It is recommended to connect the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth during the exercise. The breathing should be abdominal, smooth, round and with a normal rhythm.

It can be done as a meditation or integrated into daily activities, e.g. while waiting for a red light to turn green, while waiting in line, or at bedtime. Don’t over think it or set any special intentions and NO specific knowledge required.”

Thanks Felix! Here’s a link for you to look at :

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