Got Energy Slumps? Outsmart Them With These Tips

With so many of us leading demanding nonstop lives, it’s difficult not to peter out as the day goes on.

Here are some ideas to outsmart your energy slumps.

Between 1 and 3 PM we often feel dazed.

There’s a natural mid-afternoon circadian lull often dubbed the “nap zone” because we have this urge to (if we could) take a nap. When you feel this, use a circular motion to massage the webbed area between your thumb and index finger. Do this for three minutes. This acupressure move stimulates the nervous system, boosting alertness.

Between 3 and 6 PM we also tend to feel sleepy.

A demanding day elevates levels of the stress hormone cortisol, keeping it high for several hours. This leads to feeling worn down.

Try this breathing exercise. Stand up straight with one hand on your lower belly. Inhale deeply and feel your abdomen fill with air. Exhale and watch your hand drop back in towards your body. This simple belly breathing exercise is proven to reduce cortisol levels, and you’ll feel more alert, productive, and happy. A round of three to five cleansing breaths like this is all it takes to feel refreshed.

Between 6 and 9 PM is not quite late enough to be bedtime, but in the early evening your core body temperature naturally drops and sleep-inducing melatonin levels rise.

Try this wall roll-down move. Stand with your back against a wall, arms raised overhead and feet a few inches forward. Pretend the wall is sticky and slowly peel yourself away from the wall by rolling forward into a U shape. Unfold back up bit by bit. Bending over like this stimulates the flow of fresh blood and oxygen to your head, which refreshes your mind and body. Don’t worry, you’ll still be plenty tired when your bedtime comes!

You can of course use these any time of the day, but in particular during the times I’ve mentioned. I know it may seem easier to reach for that caffeine, but learning how to energize and refresh naturally is a good thing too!


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