Want to Lose Belly Fat? Then Don’t Do This!

Recently I conducted a survey asking my friends, students, clients, and anyone else I came in contact with, which juices, if any, they had in their refrigerator.

So now I’m asking you. If you’re not sure, please go take a look!

The three juices that came up tops on the list were orange, apple, and cranberry.

Then I asked why? Why those juices, and why do they drink juice at all?

Over and over again I heard the same answers.

Because they’re good for me, they’re healthy, and they provide vitamins.

Well, I’m sorry to have to burst your “juicy” bubble, but drinking juice is really a bad idea.

Want a better idea?

Eat the fruit instead!

Orange juice is full of sugar and has NO FIBER. An 8 ounce glass, for instance, has 25 grams of sugar. The people I know who drink orange juice drink way more than 8 ounces.

An orange, however, has about 3 grams of fiber, much less sugar than juice, and 70 milligrams of Vitamin C.

Apple juice is full of sugar and has NO FIBER.

An apple, however, has about 4 grams of fiber and much less sugar than apple juice.

Cranberry juice (sweetened) is full of sugar and has NO FIBER.

Cranberries, however, have 4 grams of fiber per serving, much less sugar than juice, and plenty of Vitamin C.

Are you seeing my point?

By drinking juice you are taking in too much sugar and calories and it’s not as healthy as eating fruit.

It’s a great idea to wean yourself away from drinking anything with calories. OK, put a little cream in your coffee, or have that protein shake, but you know what I mean!!

Make the switch from high calorie, high sugar beverages to real, whole, nutritious, fibrous food and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

Drink water instead.

And you know what else?

I can almost guarantee you’ll lose some belly fat in the process. Less sugar equals less belly fat.

Promise yourself you’ll do this for one week and then let me know.

Or better yet, go buy a new pair of jeans with the money you’ll save from not buying juice and other high sugar beverages. You’ll need a smaller size!

Remember, your health is your wealth!


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