The Big THREE When It Comes to Vitamin Supplements

Do you know the “Big 3” that experts say would be wise for nearly everyone to supplement with?

Even experts who don’t usually talk about many supplements seem to be talking about these, so I thought we’d take a look.

1. Which vitamin deficiency was recently found to be a possible cause of cognitive and mental flexibility problems?

Vitamin D.

It’s recently been linked to playing an important role in protecting us from a wide range of age related problems such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke, as well as cognitive decline. The thing to note is that as we age our skin becomes less effective at producing Vitamin D, so even if you get enough sunshine you still might not produce enough of it as you get older.

Start by having your Vitamin D levels checked the next time you have a blood test. If it’s not in the normal range, talk to your health practitioner about supplementation.

Other possible benefits of taking supplemental D are lower blood pressure, stronger bones, better immunity and lower risk of heart disease. If any of these speak to you, take a look at Vitamin D supplements.

2. Which nutrient has been linked to preventing a variety of health problems including cancers, heart problems, menopausal problems, Alzheimer’s and so many others it’s hard to count?

I’ll give you another hint.

As we age, our supply of this nutrient decreases and by age 80 our levels of it are cut by more than half.

Did you answer CoEnzymeQ10 or CoQ10 for short?

If you’re taking Statin drugs, listen up. They have been found to decrease the body’s supply of CoQ10.

What does CoQ10 do?

Well, for starters, it’s an essential nutrient in energy production for your body. It helps your heart muscle pump more efficiently and tolerate stress better. People with breast, colon, kidney and lung cancer have been found to have low levels of CoQ10.

I encourage you to take your CoQ10 research further and see if you’d benefit from taking it as a supplement.

3. I’m guessing since Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids wasn’t listed as the first two, you knew it would be coming as number 3!

Just to give you a sample of the reports I’ve seen recently about Omega-3 benefits: one report said it eases depression and hot flashes in menopausal women.

Another talked about its ability, along with Vitamin C and E, to boost pancreatic health. I’ve written many times about the benefits of healthy fats, so I know Omega-3 is on your radar screen.

Not supplementing with them? Do consider it!

OK, if I had to pick a fourth I’d likely throw in a probiotic. Healthy digestion is so important to your overall health, so if digestion is an issue for you, please don’t let it go unaided.

Hope this list helps you zero in on where to start when you’re thinking of supplementation beyond REAL food.

As always, real food is number one!


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